Don't keep it to yourself!

We’re looking for a simple, unusual and highly addictive mobile game idea. This should be a game played while waiting for the bus or in-between classes.


Send us your mobile game ideas!

Download the concept template and use it to explain the story, the mechanics and the look of your game. Remember odd is good.

+ A full first year bursary for 2019!

The winner’s game gets made and receives a full first year bursary to study at the Open Window in 2019.

• The competition is open to anyone who wants to come study at the Open Window in 2019. Read the detailed terms and conditions to make sure you qualify to enter.

• Download the game concept document to see what we want.

• Create your own game concept document using the same sections as in our example document.

• Complete the entry form below and attach your concept document (PDF format only)

• If you have any questions, email:

• Closing date: 29 June 2018

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