Saturday, 07 October 2017
Venue: Open Window Institute for Arts & Digital Sciences
1297 John Vorster Drive, Southdowns, Centurion


17h20:    “Beautiful Mind Charity” Concert

18h30:    Korean Film “The grand heist”

* 11h30-18h00:    Korean Food Market, Traditional Exhibition, Activities and K-Pop. Please find the enclosed details.

Entrance: Free
Seating: First Come First Served
Dress code: Smart Casual


KOREAN FOOD MARKET (11:30-18:00, Food Booth)
Enjoy a variety of Korean food from royal food to street food. You will, of course, enjoy the flavour of Korean Braai (Bulgogi), Kimchi, Jabchae, Korean drinks and red bean iced cake for your dessert as well.


The grand heist (2012) (18:30-20:30, Outdoor Garden)
About 250 years ago in Korea, people struggled under the tyranny of the first vice-premier CHO who has taken possession of power and holds a commercial supremacy over ‘ice’, the most valuable commodity of the time. Unable to stand CHO’s tyranny, LEE, an ingenious young man whose father was eliminated by CHO, gathers a group of experts in various fields; tactics, weapons, explosives, underwater diving, camouflage, etc. With their help, Lee executes his plans to rob the entire storage of ice that will be used for the crown prince’s birthday party which will initiate CHO’s downfall.

Sunny (2011) (11:30-13:30, SAX Arena)
While Nami was visiting her mother in the hospital, she is reunited with her high school friend, Chun-hwa. The two happily reminisce about the good old days. Na-mi was a transfer student and Chun-hwa welcomed the new girl into her clique. The clique was called Sunny, comprising of 7 girls who always hung out together. Chun-hwa who is now terminally ill, asks Na-mi to get the old members of Sunny together for the last time before she dies. And, hence begins an ordinary housewife’s journey and a great deal of trouble to track down her high school classmates


Guitar Concert (14:30-15:00 &16:50-17:20, Outdoor Garden)
A young talented Korean guitarist, Yohan SONG and YoungSeok SONG plays Korean-style blues.

Classical Concert (15:10-15:40 & 16:20-16:50, Outdoor Garden)
Young Pretoria University music students (Tenor, String Quartet, Keyboard) play Korean songs and a string piece.

K-Pop Dance Performance (14:00-14:30 & 15:40-16:10, Outdoor Garden)
Young South Africans show their fantastic cover dance to Korean pop songs.

Beautiful Mind Charity Concert (17:20-18:20, Outdoor Garden)
A philanthropic organization that pursues cultural diplomacy aiming to share the unconditional love (“Expect Nothing in Return”) with the less privileged around the world through diverse cultural activities.

Enjoy a variety of Korean Traditional Games and participate in mask-making and lamp making and trial of Korean traditional costume.


Exhibition on Korean Food (11:30-18:00, Main Auditorium)