Are You Game

Open Day | 20 May

Illustration Superstation | 23 May

Creative Mornings | 19 May

Screening: Umbrellas of Cherbourg | 17 May

Join us for the OWI Film Salon Screening of Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
Venue: AV Auditorium
Wednesday 17 May | 18h00


Told in four acts, the lives of Geneviève Emery and Guy Foucher of Cherbourg France are presented. Act 1 begins in November 1957, when sixteen-year-old Geneviève, who works in her widowed mother’s umbrella shop called “Les parapluies de Cherbourg”, and twenty-year-old Guy, who works as a mechanic at a gas station, are madly in love and want to get married. They are reluctant to tell anyone not only of their want to get married but of their relationship. Geneviève believes her mother will think her too young and would want her to marry someone with better prospects, especially considering her own tenuous financial situation. And Guy is more concerned now about not abandoning his ailing godmother, Aunt Élise, who raised him, and who he looks after along with a young woman named Madeleine. Act 2, told largely from Geneviève’s perspective, begins in February 1958. Guy, drafted to fight for the French in Algeria, has been gone for two months and is expected to be gone for two years. … Written by Huggo

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PIXELUP Conference | May 8-10

Exquisite Corpse – The Exhibition | 03 May

The exhibition is based on initiating collaboration between the disciplines from the School of Visual Communication, namely Illustration, Communication Design and Photography.

Date 03 May – 18:00 -23:00
Venue: AV Foyer – Open Window Institute

The exhibition is based on the game ‘Exquisite corpse’ invented by the Surrealist artists during the 1920s, and involves the participation of a group of artists where each artist contributes to a single image (The Surrealists even went so far as to folding the paper and passing it to the next party to contribute to).

Entries can still be submitted with any lecturers until the 2nd of May.

25th OWI Birthday Competition


We invite you to create an artwork that celebrates Open Window’s 25 years of activating creativity, the chosen artwork will be showcased on the official Birthday Card and in the Prospectus for 2018.

To get your think tank warmed up, here are some thoughts to consider when designing your artwork. Think about how your ideas and perceptions have been opened since you started studying at Open Window.

  • How has engaging with new concepts and projects changed the way you think about type, illustrations, storytelling, filming or crafting?
  • How has your appreciation for quality and clear communication changed?

Consider how creativity disrupts the mundane and makes it memorable, exciting and worth celebrating.

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Teachers Conference | 05 May


Hello Teachers,

We invite you to join us at this year’s Teacher’s Conference at the Open Window.
You are the essential bridges that span between the school environment and the great, big world beyond. As such, you are important catalysts in directing our young people to the appropriate places to further their studies.

The Open Window is a private, higher education institute offering a variety of accredited degrees and certificates in the arts and digital sciences.
We would love you to join us for the conference and experience first-hand what we have to offer prospective students concerning a tertiary education in the dynamic, rapidly growing, and ever-evolving landscape of contemporary applied arts.

Meet us on the morning of 5 May, at our Open Window campus in Southdowns, Centurion.
Please RSVP at the link below by the 21st of April.

Best wishes,
Open Window

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The Great Industry Game | 20 April




The ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA In Pretoria in partnership with THE OPEN WINDOW is privileged to present THE GREAT INDUSTRY GAME

The exhibition, created by Museimpresa (Italian Association for enterprise archives and museums), narrates the history of Italian industry through a panel installation that presents ideas, projects and stories of objects that became icons of the collective imagination (as for instance the Vespa, the Campari Soda bottle, the Bari Ila pasta box, or Olivetti’s Valentina) enriched by the presence of some of the objects.

Weekdays: 09:00 – 16:00
Saturdays: 09:00 – 12:00
012 342-0010

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